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Color Guard


CAPP60-33 Drill and Ceremonies

Air Force Manual 36-2203 Drill and Ceremonies 

CAPR39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation

United States Flag Code Title 4, Chapter 1 (official)

United States Flag Code | The American Legion (reader friendly)

All About Posting or Presenting Colors | The DrillMaster

All About the Color Guard | The DrillMaster

When, Where and How to Refold a Flag | The DrillMaster

Which manual to read first?

  • (#1) Since you are in CAP, CAP’s Drill and Ceremonies manual (CAPP60-33) takes priority.

  • (#1) The CAP uniform manual (CAPR 39-1) is the only uniform manual CAP members should follow when wearing CAP uniforms.

  • (#1) For customs, courtesies, and flag etiquette, the United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1 takes priority. It is helpful to look at CAP manuals and see if multiple places say the same thing to make sure you understand it correctly.

  • (#2) If something is not covered in either of these manuals, the AFMAN Drill and Ceremonies 36-2203 is the next place to look since CAP is an auxiliary of the Air Force. 

  • (#3) The Drill Master is an informative site and may help expand your planning and reasoning skills with color guard. However, everything stated here should be checked by the manuals listed above. It covers all military branches and JROTC, so you want to make sure you follow CAP specific protocol correctly.

Make sure you are referencing the most recent version of the publication!
The manuals can be confusing, especially when updated sections are published. Before correcting a traditional practice of your team, make sure you understand the manual accurately and are referencing a relevant section by checking that others come to the same conclusion you have.
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