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Cadet Competition

Start preparing now! Wing and/or region level competitions usually take place late winter/early spring.



CAPP60-75 Cadet Competition Curriculum Guide Draft 

CAPP52-4 OLD National Cadet Competition Curriculum Guide 

NCC Competitor Information | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters (gocivilairpatrol.com)

Everything About Cadet Programs


What is it?

At National Cadet Competition, sixteen teams consisting of six cadets each compete for the USAF Chief of Staff Outstanding Team Championship Trophy. Each team is selected from the very best during previous state and regional-level competitions.* These extraordinary young people train for months and sometimes years to demonstrate their excellence in a wide range of activities in the arenas of leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. During the 3-day competition, cadets compete in physical challenges, test their knowledge of aviation and leadership, demonstrate the highest levels of precision and teamwork in posting the colors, and above all, cheer each other on in the spirit of teamwork.**

To achieve its mission and vision, the National Cadet Competition program pursues the following goals:

1. Promote excellence in squadron-level cadet programs.
2. Promote individual excellence and learning in leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character.
3. Showcase today’s cadets as tomorrow’s aerospace leaders.
4. Achieve ever-increasing programmatic efficiency and return on investment.

*Each region sends two teams to national
**Region and wing level competitions may not have all the same events as national



a.  Indoor Posting of Colors – 4 cadet team

b.  Outdoor Posting of Colors – 3 cadet team

c.  Standard Drill – 4 cadet team

d.  Written Exam

e.  Cadet Physical Fitness Test - Athletic Equipment. (per CAPP 60-50 with modifications outlined in CAPP 60-75)

f.  Uniform Inspection

g.  Robotics -3 cadet team

h. UAS – 6 cadet team, (4 cadets written exam, 2 cadets drone flying), BETA Test

i.  Panel Quiz - 4 cadet team

j.  Team Leadership Project - 4 cadet team

k.  Pre-Competition Service Project, with oral defense – 2 cadet team

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